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We are a small group of Web Designers from Singapore dedicated to helping you create functional and well-designed websites for small businesses and individuals.  

Web Design & Development is a key facet in the growth of a business and it is a pretty daunting job, especially if you do not have the right team or tools to support you along the way. Let us join you in this endeavour!

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FILOS Create

Do you want a poorly-designed website? We don't think so! You are looking for someone who is just as passionate as you, about your website. Click here to learn more.

FILOS Blueprint

Disorganised website? People manage to find your site but keep clicking away? Do you need web design help? Learn how FILOS Blueprint can help you.

FILOS Search

You've got a beautiful website, and you want to show the world but you've never heard about SEO? Let us improve your Search Engine Optimization with FILOS Search

FILOS Maintains

Every WordPress website requires a skilled team to maintain their backend once in a while. FILOS Maintains will help you with any maintenance regarding web design.


AGT Partners Homepage

AGT Partners Singapore, a registered Fund Management Company, wanted a new website that felt welcoming while maintaining their professional look. Here at Filos Creations, we successfully created an upgraded website that included improved features to make it easier for visitors to find what they were looking for.

Rsolute Inc Homepage, created by Filos Creations

Rsolute Inc is a renowned regional Sales Solutions company from Singapore. Here at Filos Creations, our team helped them craft a stunning website that reflects their expertise and success in the sales and marketing industry. 

SIXR Marketing Homepage, created by Filos Creations

SIXR Marketing, an emerging Social Media Marketing Agency from Singapore, wanted a modern website to showcase their unique personality. We integrated customised sections to make their site stand out and the result is a visually appealing, user-friendly website!

Khant Min Homepage, created by Filos Creations

Khant Min is a budding Singaporean photographer and he wanted his own online platform that would showcase his creative talent. Kudos to him for taking the first step on his freelance journey and bring us along with him!

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