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A small group of Web Designers from Singapore dedicated to helping you create functional and well-designed websites for small businesses and individuals.  

Web Design & Development is a key facet in the growth of a business and it is not an easy job. Especially, if you do not have the right team or the right tools to help you. Here at Filos Creations, let us support you in this endeavour.

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Every WordPress website requires a skilled team to maintain their backend once in a while. FILOS Maintains will help you with any maintenance regarding web design.


AGT Partners Singapore is a registered Fund Management Company from Singapore. Prior to engaging our services, AGT Partners did have a website but the theme was outdated and mundane, and the website lacked SEO and security components.

They desired a website that would convey a sense of warmth and remind visitors of the Singaporean Dream, while also projecting a professional image appropriate to their business needs. Thus here at Filos Creations, we were able to deliver an upgraded online platform featuring an intuitive user flow that guides users seamlessly from the homepage to the page or action that they desire! 


Rsolute Inc is a highly regarded regional Sales Solutions company that specialises in face-to-face marketing. They are experts in ensuring the delivery of high-quality customers’ while increasing the market share of the high net worth clients that they represent. 

When they came to us, they sought to establish an online presence that would outshine their competitors and make a lasting impression in the world of marketing and sales’ solutions. Our team embraced the challenge and through meticulous craftsmanship, developed a beautiful website that demonstrates the growing prowess of Rsolute Inc!

SIXR Marketing is an up and coming Social Media Marketing Agency from Singapore, and they wanted a modern website that would show off their personality! They wanted to take advantage of the latest trends and for that reason we built them customized sections that would make their website stand out.

Upon completion of the project, we provided them with complementary 1-on-1 training that would enable them to make changes and troubleshoot their website whenever it is required! The website we helped them build was also user-friendly, visually appealing and easy to navigate. Don’t believe us? Click on and take a look at it for yourself!

Khant Min is an independent photographer and freelancer based in Singapore and he came to us for help in designing a website that showcased his talents. In-line with his initial suggestions, we added in some key features that would increase the website’s visual aesthetic while keeping it functional and easy to navigate.

We teached Khant Min the basics of SEO and provided him with a 1-on-1 tutorial session so that he was able to make changes and update his website on his own. With this website, Khant Min is now able to showcase his extensive portfolio online and increase prospective clients!

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