About Us

We are FILOS Creations

A small team of homegrown Singaporean web developers out to fulfil the website development needs that your company requires! As fellow entrepreneurs, we understand the difficulties that you might face as a growing business or as an individual brand and we hope that we are able to help you overcome these problems. Honestly, there are so many big name web design brands in Singapore, why choose US?

We Are Partners

At FILOS Creations, we are full a team of web developers, no middlemen or “salesmen” involved here! We do not use any sales strategies to drive growth in our customer base. Instead, we aim to create websites and strategies that outdo our customers’ expectation and bring out the best in their business.

We work with you

You need your work done quick, but at the same time you still want a high-quality site. We aim to set ourselves apart by being able to compete projects within a strict timeline. Nothing is too hard for us here at FILOS Creations, and if needed we will put in the extra hours to make sure your web development process goes as smoothly as possible.


At FILOS Creations, we firmly believe in upholding integrity both for ourselves and our valued clients. We take great pride in ensuring that every aspect of our work is handled by our dedicated core team, without any outsourcing. This commitment allows us to maintain full control over the quality and execution of each project, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of service and expertise. Our unwavering dedication to integrity forms the foundation of our company’s values and drives our unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Complementary Brainstorming Session

Before we get started on our web development journey, it’s important for us to learn how we can best build your website. We also provide complementary consultation sessions to help you figure out if we are able to suit your needs, so what are you waiting for? Book us now!

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