Unlock the secrets of Web Domains: What are they and how do they help your business?


If you’re thinking about starting a small business, the first thing that most people would think is “I need a website.” This is a smart move, as it helps your potential customers find you online, and we happen to know some people who can make that happen *cough* Us *cough*. Anyways, what many people don’t realize is that there’s more to setting up an online presence than just registering for a domain name. You also need to register for hosting space (where site files will ‘live’), set up SSL certificates if you want an extra layer of security from hackers trying to steal sensitive data… and so much more!

So what’s the deal? How can you choose the right one for my business? These are all good questions! Luckily for us all, we’re going to answer them right now:

How do I buy a domain name?

To buy a domain name, you’ll need to register with a domain registrar. Domain registrars are companies that sell domains and provide the technical infrastructure necessary for people like you to access the internet safely and securely. You can find one through a search engine or by asking friends and colleagues who have already registered their own websites if they know which registrar they used. There are many different registrars available; some of them offer better deals than others so shop around before making your choice!

What is a Web Domain?

Web domains are the “web addresses” of websites. They’re used to find and reach the site you want to visit, the same way a street address helps you find your home. When you type in a web address, like https://www.google.com/, your browser looks up that domain name on its server and takes you there automatically!

Domain names can be either generic or specific. Specific domain names are ones that are specific to a certain industry (eg: .jobs, .travel, .sucks) and are usually used by businesses or individuals that want to build a web presence in their specific niche. Generic domain names are not specific to any particular industry or geographical location. They are always available; but if someone else has already registered a similar name for their website, then it may not be possible for you to create your own website under that same name without buying it from them first — which is what I’ll talk about next!

Which domain extension is best for my business?

The most popular domain extension is .com, as it’s easy to remember, easy to spell and most commonly used. The dot-com suffix is used for all types of businesses, so if you have a common name like John’s Auto Repairs or Red Lantern Chicken Rice, this will be the best option for your site. Other most common extensions include .net or .org.

Other extensions have the potential to make your website look like a phony knockoff, for example imagine our website was called filoscreations.ninja instead (I kid you not that’s a real extension!). That’s why we recommend using only one extension per site, and choose the one that would best fit your website as well!

How do I choose the perfect domain name?

Choosing the right domain name can be difficult, and honestly I spent a great deal of time on this as well. Here are some tips to help you choose a great one:

  • Choose a name that’s easy to remember. If people can’t remember your web address, they won’t be able to find you on the internet!
  • Choose a relevant name for your business–don’t just use something random or silly because it sounds cool. This way, people will know exactly what type of business they’re looking at when they visit your website by looking at its URL (the part after “https://”). For example, if someone wants to order pizza from Domino’s Pizza delivery service and sees their URL in an ad somewhere online or on TV advertising themselves as such, then that person knows exactly what kind of site he/she is visiting without having any doubts about whether or not this might be spammy content instead (spammer sites often use long URLs). The same goes for other industries like insurance companies who might want shorter yet descriptive ones like “insurancequotes.”
  • Shorten them up, but don’t go overboard! A short yet memorable domain name will make visitors feel more comfortable navigating around inside each page because it doesn’t take too long before hitting enter again after typing out each letter correctly. Short domain names are also better for branding as it is easier to include them in a logo or in meta title and page description.

Should I purchase domain privacy?

Domain privacy is a service that hides your personal information from public view. For every customer that I have worked with, I have always recommended that they purchase domain privacy, the ONLY addon I would ever recommend that you purchase from your domain registrar! You don’t want your personal contact information (eg: phone number, email, address) to be out there for all of the public to see don’t you?

You can also use services like WhoisGuard to protect your personal information even if there isn’t any site-specific domain privacy service available for the domain in question.

You need to understand the basics of what you are buying so you don’t waste money on something that doesn’t suit your needs!

You can’t just buy a domain name, you also need to register it with a DNS provider. What’s that? Well, it’s basically the address of your website on the internet. Think of it like an apartment number: if you live in New York City and want to find someone’s apartment, they would give you their physical address (street name + apartment number).

If you are still unsure about getting started setting up your own web domain name and hosting package with us drop us a WhatsApp message through the green social icon and let us find out how we can help you! If you are trying to determine which domain registrar you are trying to select take a look at our previous article which provides you with the best web hosting providers for 2023!


Choosing the right domain name is one of the most important steps in creating an online presence and building a strong brand. It should reflect your company’s mission, values and goals, and be easy for customers to remember. Doing your research and picking a domain name that is unique, user-friendly and speaks to your brand identity can help you make a great first impression and set you up for success. 

I hope that this article has now helped you learn the basics of what a web domain is and how to buy one. With the right domain name, you can now start confidently building your brand online! If you are looking for help, please do contact us and we will be glad to have a complementary brainstorming session with you as you work on building your brand!



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